Our training method

At Happy Swim® we teach people how to swim.  No stress, lots of empathy and expertise. Based on our long experience we know well that everyone is unique, everyone has a different learning curve, and everyone has his/her story and motivation. This is what we base our method on.  We can always guarantee top professional approach to training as described below.

Vyučování znaku s trenérem ve vodě
Plavecký trenér vysvětluje dítěti techniky plavání v bazénu

We teach the basics ´in the water´

There is no difference between children and adults in teaching how to swim. All beginners are very insecure or even have fear. That is normal and natural. There is usually fear of having the head fully under water and non-pleasant feeling in nose and ears during the beginning phases of the real swimming. We are well aware of that in Happy Swim® and we also very well know how to get over these. That is the reason why our swim coaches are always present with the beginners right in the water. They explain everything in depth, they can demonstrate everything and they are there to help all the time. They make our clients feel secure and can even hold their hand. That is why our training is faster and more fun.

Under no circumstances our swim coach will bestanding at the poolside with a long pole in hand shouting unclear instructions. He/she will always explain clearly what and why you are going to do and will always be there to help you. You will never be forced to put your head underwater, dive in the pool or swim in the deep water unless you want to try that yourself.

Učení správného kraulového záběru na bazénu

We teach to swim the correct way

We won´t let you develop bad habits. That is why we always follow the beginners to the water and are very cautious about using the proper swimming technique. When the beginner turns into a real swimmer able to swim a pool length of front crawl easily, we ´accompany´ him/her on the poolside.

This is how the swim coach can better see errors in swimming technique and can show and correct the swimmer with gestures right there in the real time. We also love to use our wireless radio transmitter for highligt of errors in real time. Hence the correction is immediate.

Our swim coaches are focused at our clients and they are by their side and correct them for the entire duration of the class. All details are explained directly after one pool length swum. During lessons for children we support this by having two swim coaches for a group of children– one swim coach explains at the beginning and the other one is there to correct during swimming and on the other side of the pool. Students are corrected very soon after making a mistake. That is why learning at our courses is fast and efficient.

We work with video often

When have you last seen yourself swimming? Never? Video is a very powerful and useful instrumentto help learning and we love to use it regularly.

We know that swimmers often think that they are moving in the best possible way but after seeing them selves recorded they are surprised how wrong they were. That is absolutely fine and that is why we use video. That is why our clients are immediately able to see their own swimming technique. Directly at the end of the pool length you will get an immediate feedback so you can swim back having the valuable information what to focus on.

Používání videa k zlepšení vlastní plavecké techniky

We always explain to our clients how to swim and what points to focus at. It might be difficult to imagine, if one is doing something for the first time. That is exactly the point when our swim coaches use our case in point videos of an elite swimmer which help the understanding tremendously..

Do you know exactly how to phase your start orhow to do a flip turn? How to use the energy of your hips during a hip driven front crawl swim? All these steps are very visible at our videos, slowed down to a great detail and therefore very illustrative. Video can be used for all four strokes and more.

Porada s plaveckým trenérem

Some swimmers wish to keep improving despite the fact that they are already above average. If you do for example triathlon as a hobby and still don’t feel confident enough in the water, try our complex videoanalysis and compare yourself directly with an elite swimmer.

The most important part of swimming happens under water and so it is important to recognize mistakes asap and find out what one could do better. It is often not before one sees the under-water video that he/she finds out how insufficient or interrupted his/her breathing is, how disadvantageous the body position became and what can be improved at arms or legs track during kicks. The complex analysis is a great instrument and is much more achievable than you thought.

At Happy Swim® the analysis is done twice a year at the Group Lessons for Adults (with the exception of the Front Crawl Basics lesson) and at the specialised Private Lessons.

Contact our Head Coach if you are interested in the complex analysis.

Vzorová plavecká videa pro ukázku
Plavecká videoanalýza pod vodou

Visual background materials and games

This is a very original feature of our swim school. (Not only) children can always see directly in the swimming pool colourful pictures which will remind them in a nice and natural way what is important and what to focus at.

We work with the fact that a human being receives 80% of all information by sight. Also we need children to have fun during learning. We have prepared a set of pictures for regular use of our swim coaches. These pictures use ´child‘ language. Our students can pretend play a swim robot or a crocodile and at the same time learn how to swim correctly. Simply seeing something once is better than hearing about it a hundred times.

Děti se učí plavat pomocí vizuálních podkladů
Děti na lekci plavání (začátečníci)

Ever heard of Swimming Scrabble, Swimming Treasure Hunt, Swimming Wheel of Fortune, Swimming Dragon´s Den or Swimming Duel of Heroes? You have not? No wonder. We have made them up and tested them meticulously 😊

Our games are intelligent, make sense and are not played just for their own sake. We love using them at lessons for children, because they enable us to hide some difficult swimming exercise in them.

´What, I have to swim 50 m of butterfly sprint? Hurray I have just won the privilege to do it in Rock Paper Scissors. ´

´I am to swim the front crawl at maximum speed on the way there and leisurely on the way back? Perfect, that means that I have beaten another dragon. ´

Simply The Joy of Swimming...

Učení dětí plavání hrou
Ilustrované pomůcky pro plavání
Plavecká výuková hra

Happy Swim® Radio and modern equipment

Why not trying a completely new dimension of swim training during your private lessons? You can swim and get feedback and instructions into special earphones in real time. You can improve immediately and the exercise becomes extremely efficient.

We use the radio and earphones with medium advanced and advanced swimmers. We can then correct mistakes directly during the swim and they can feel the difference without interrupting the rhythm or concentration.

Plavecký trénink s instruktáží i pod vodou.
Sluchátka pod vodou při plaveckém tréninku

The aim of all swimmers; to swim faster, further and with less effort; can be achieved by using the perfect swim technique. Modern training aids can help a lot. We are very happy to lend them to our clients during private or group lessons.

Our swimmers own their own fins and pullbuoys but we offer advanced aids made by FINIS (USA) for free hire. These are: Tempo Trainer Pro, Agility paddles, Instinct paddles, Freestyle paddles, ISO paddles, Fulcrums, Tech Toc, Hydro Fin, snorkels, ankle straps, swim parachutes and many more.

Enjoy a top-quality training for no extra cost.

Moderní technologické plavecké pomůcky
Zařízení pro komunikaci s trenérem plavání pod vodou
HappySwim radio zařízení
Plavecké pomůcky
Lekce plávání s dětmi - metodika
Rozpis tréninku a stopky

Methodical approach

We teach according to very detailed, expert made and modern teaching plans. These get created ahead for a one year group course. Each class is prepared according to these plans and it follows the previous one.

Our swim coaches never make up the class program on the spot not knowing what was done the previous time. Our lessons are not the same all year round.  What stays the same, thanks to our internal Happy Swim® materials, is the quality of the class no matter who the swim coach is.

Our lessons are created on expert grounds so that they follow each other and lead to a correct swim technique. Later on the fitness element is added. Each lesson has its own inner structure and is focused at one important element.

Thanks to this comprehensive and elaborate methodology for all levels we are also able to create a specific made to measure training plan for all individual lessons.

Individualistic approach

Individualistic approach and above all the focus of the swim coach at one swimmer are key elements of learning and improving in swimming. That is why our swim coaches always spend the whole duration of the class with the client. Also that is why there is only a small limited number of clients present at the group lessons, which makes the lessons efficient and pleasant.

No matter how excellent a swim coach is, he/she will never be successful if there are too many swimmers to look after at once. In Happy Swim® group lessons there is always a limited number of swimmers in one lane and per one swim coach. The maximum number is 4 children/6 adults per swim coach. Our swim coaches are always present either directly in the water or accompanying and mentoring from the pool side. It would be absolutely unacceptable to just explain everything to the swimmers at the pool side and leave them on their own to practise.

Plavecká instruktáž v bazénu.
Tým dospělých radostných plavců
Děti mluví s trenérem plavání z bazénu
Plavecký trénink s dětmi
Plavecký trenér vysvětluje dětem techniku v bazénu

Respect and instrict motivation

Respect of swim coaches to their student is for us an obvious way of communication. And intrinsic motivation? That is also an essential aspect. It enables to bring joy and interest in learning something new and in self-development. We always try to involve little and big swimmers in the learning process.

What does respect mean in swim training? Our swim coaches are not considered ´half Gods´ who are always preaching and always right. We want to be your training buddies; someone experienced who enjoys sharing his/her knowledge. We enjoy discovering mistakes. A mistake is not something forbidden, it is an opportunity to improve. Mistakes help us focus and improve.

Intrinsic motivation is not only important when swimming but also during our entire life. Obstacles and hardship are challenges to us. We are focused at our inner feelings. We try to show our swimmers that the world behind their comfort zones is very interesting and there is no need to be afraid of it. Our swimmers are not motivated to ´beat their enemy´ but rather to develop themselves and try theirbest. They love swimming because they do it for their own joy and not because they were told so by the swim coach. They will love swimming forever.

Náhled interního systému pro plavce a trenéry HappySwim Pool

Happy Swim® Pool

Methodical and training support for your swimming 24/7, no matter where you are.
Dive into the Pool for some top-quality videos to remind you of the correct technique; for a huge number of sample trainings; for correct stretching exercise; for Happy Swim® FIT - complex fitness program; for many interesting articles, tips and tricks and for much more.

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The joy of swimming

Last but not least. Swimming is a great activity. It is of essence to us to enable those learning to swim to get to know this and to those who are improving their style to remind of that.

Our greatest asset is training of beginners and hobby swimmers who have no intention of becoming world champions in swimming. We can offer quality information, modern methods, efficient learning done by experienced, emphatic and patient swimcoaches. They always respect the swimmers and never patronize or show off. Our goal and biggest wish is to enable our clients (big or small) to find a way to self-develop and to enjoy swimming as a healthy, positive and relaxing freetime activity.

Ask Happy Swim® head coach Tomáš Salinger what he likes most about swimming: ´I really enjoy training, seeing insecure, hesitant and frightened people learning that they can do things they dreamt of but were afraid and hesitating to try .´

Come and experience your joy of swimming! We are looking foward to you!

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