Private swim lesson with a swim coach

Plavecký trenér na bazénu
Trenér ve vodě s plavcem začátečníkem

For non-swimmers and beginners of all ages

Is your child afraid of water and you want him/her to like it and to learn how to swim without too much stress. Leave it up to us and we will turn your kid into a water animal swimming like a fish.

Or your child is not afraid of water but you want him/her not only to bath but also swim well? Leave it up to us and we will make your kid a good swimmer.

Are you an adult non swimmer or beginner with some traumatic experience from  swimming lessons in your childhood? Do you want to get rid of your fear of swimming and learn how to swim really well? Leave it up to us and we will make a good swimmer out of you.

We can offer you private lessons with a swim coach. All our coaches have long term experience with teaching of children, adults, swimmers or non swimmers. We can help literally anyone to get rid of the fear of swimming.

We know very well what it takes for most non swimmers or beginners to get over the initial fear. It is normal and natural. We were once afraid of water too, afraid to dive, afraid of the deep water. We also used to hate water in our eyes and nose. We also used to hold our breath and were afraid to breath into the water. All of this is normal and we will help you to get rid of it and not be afraid anymore and enjoy your time in the water. Step by step you will enjoy your change into a great swimmer.

Under no circumstances our swim coach will be standing at the poolside with a long pole in hand shouting unclear instructions. Our swim coaches are always in the water with their non swimmer/beginner clients which gives great reassurance. He/she will always explain clearly what and why you are going to do and will always be there to help you. You will never be forced to put your head underwater, dive in the pool or swim in the deep water unless you want to try that yourself.

Individuální plavec na hodině plavání s pomůcky pro lepší záběr

For advanced swimmers who want to develop further.

Are you an advanced swimmer who has some further goals and ambitions? Leave it up to us and we will help you make them true.

Do you work hard, train for competitions but want to surpass yourself? Leave it up to us and we will make you work super hard and be the winner.

Do you swim often and like that but you know that your style is not perfect? Leave it up to us and we will discover your mistakes and help you improve.

Arrange a private class with our head swim coach Tomáš who is very experienced in training individuals or groups of advancedswimmers. Tomáš uses the most up to date methods of improvement of techniqueand shape. He knows very well what needs to be done so that your efforts inswimming are the most effective and you can become better and faster.    

Tomáš will analyse your technique and will prepare your individual training plan made to measure to your needs and to overcome some potential  flaws in yourstyle. He will bring you plenty of information which will help you  move forward. And no worries, your trainings will not be only relaxing fun…Tomáš knows very well how to make you work hard!.

Plavecký trenér mluví s plavcem pod vodou přes rádio.
1on1 s trenérem plavání

For all those who prefer individual training.

Do you think that individual training is more efficient than training in a group?
Are you an introvert who does not fancy swimming with others?
Do you want the top individual approach and the coach being focused just at you?
Do you need to train in specific times?

If yes, then our private lessons are the best choice for you. You pick your swim coach and the time that is the best for you. Your own personal swim coach will find out your needs and will create your personal training plan. Your swim coach will analyse your swimming technique and will help you get rid of your mistakes and improve your style. We guarantee you the full attention of your swim coach. It is not acceptable for our coaches to make private phone calls, text or talk to the pool staff during lessons. Your swim coach is with you the whole time in the water (if you are a beginner) or follows you from the side of the pool and keeps watching you to make sure you are doing the exercise right. This allows an immediate response during theclass itself.

Private lessons take place in the AXA pool during its opening hours for public. The time of your class will be agreed with your swim coach according to your needs.

Trenér a žákyně plavání HappySwim Praha