I want to become a Happy Swim® coach.

In Happy Swim® school we teach people how to swim. Stressless. With empathy. Professionally. We know very well, that everyone is unique, everyone has a different story and motivation. That is what we base our approach on. Our experienced swim coaches bring the true joy of swimming to adult and child swimmers of all levels in private or group lessons or in one day/summer swim camps for children..

Areyou looking for something fun to do?

Would you like a job where:

  • Youcan do something meaningful?
  • Youcan be flexible?
  • Youcan develop professionally?
  • Can earn some reasonable money?
  • You can work in a young and smart team?

Do you like swimming?

  • Do you like to be in water?
  • Are you a student of sport, physical education or pedagogy? Or have you just finished?
  • Do you like working with adults and children?
  • Have you ever swum in a competition?
  • Or you simply like swimming?

Would you like to be a part of the team where...

  • …those who train want to keep improving and learning?
  • …you will get to know modern and methodical approach to swim training?
  • …will get to know various clients?
  • …colleagues respect your work?
  • …you will be able to come up with you own ideas?

Happy Swim® Coach is?

  • A swim coach who is a holder of a Teacher or Coach 3rd class Licence
  • A swim coach who trains according to Happy Swim® internal methodical guidelines
  • A swim coach who train under supervision of a Senior Swim Coach
  • A swim coach who can become a Senior Swim Coach depending on his own performance
  • A swim coach who gives the clients the true joy of swimming

Send us a detailed CV and a motivation letter, where you can tell us why the new Happy Swim® coach should be you!

CV and motivation letter to be sent to:


Looking forward to hearing from you!
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